Digital Fortress is a group of Highly experienced security industry professionals, using the latest technology, helping clients effectively secure their assets, data, and protect brand equity.

Many organisations are now experiencing first-hand cyber-attacks and data over the past 10 years shows that the frequency, impact and likelihood of breaches is rapidly increasing. It is now not a matter of if but when the attack will happen, and data shows that although there is a high likelihood of a breach, there is always an organisation ending scale breach on the horizon.

Being organisationally ready and having an incident response strategy, and a crisis management framework in place, in an environment that responds rapidly and with operational rigour is key to ensuring that normal business can resume as quickly and effectively as possible.


At Digital Fortress we help leading organisations worldwide effectively manage and protect their most valuable data across a broad spectrum of constantly evolving threats and scenarios.

Cyber Operations & Response

With well defined strategies to minimise risk and threats, we help clients make the right decisions.

Cyber Security Assessments

We evaluate your organization’s operational resilience and cybersecurity practices.

Cyber Security Resources and Awareness

The best way to achieve good security is through generating organisational awareness

Cyber Security Consulting

We help you Transform, Integrate, Optimise and secure your company's environment.

Threat Modelling and Management

Our experience and tools will help you better understand the threat landscape.

Security Assurance

With our latest technology from software to hardware, get the peace of mind that you deserve.



Data is critical to your business, Digital Fortress delivers system design and integration services tailored to your needs to protect your assets.


At Digital Fortress we can help you get the most out of SIEM and Security Controls to jump-start your journey on security analytics.


Let us better quantify your security problem & threat. We’ll help you better quantify the risks you face and develop a strategy to improve your security

A solution to all your security and compliance challenges.

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